Yingling Protects Taxpayers, Backs Bill to Revoke Corporate Subsidies

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Working towards his goal of having a state government that works for middle-class families, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, is backing legislation to revoke taxpayer-funded subsidies from utility company ComEd. House Bill 3987 would protect Illinois' green energy initiatives and reduce the state's dependence on non-renewable resources.

“We need to continue to invest in green energy, which will help move Illinois forward,” said Yingling. “We cannot afford to regress and keep allowing utility companies to pollute our state. I am proud to support this legislation to restructure these laws.”

During his time in the General Assembly, Yingling has fought to protect taxpayers and the environment. He was a key supporter of House Bill 3888, which would severely limit ethylene oxide, a poisonous gas linked to increased cancer rates in Illinois. Yingling also passed a comprehensive local government reform package, increasing transparency and accountability in local government to protect taxpayers from corruption.

“I work in Springfield to better the lives of my constituents, not pad the bottom lines of giant corporations,” said Yingling. “I am hopeful that this bill will be one of the many steps that we take to revise our laws to make them better for middle-class families across the state.”