Yingling Calls for New System to Make Sure Illinois Does Not Send Pension Payments to Deceased Indiv


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – In an effort to create a more transparent and responsive state pension system, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D- Grayslake, is backing legislation that would require Illinois’ pension systems to proactively root out payments to deceased persons.

“When pensioners die, the state should stop sending money to those individuals,” Yingling said. “In addition, there should be no way for people to trick the system into providing payments for their friends or family members who are no longer alive. We must allow pension systems the access they need to identify who has died.”

Last September, an investigation by the Better Government Association found that various Illinois public retirement systems were paying annuities to deceased persons, amounting to over $2 million over a five year period. To address these issues, Yingling is sponsoring House Bill 6030, which would give all pension funds access to the Department of Public Health’s data records and thereby allow them to identify who within their systems is deceased. Yingling hopes that through this legislation, pension systems will be better able to stop the unnecessary payments to those who are no longer alive, and retain funds for those who really need them.

“If pension systems were better able to identify when people pass away, they could avoid the possibility of fraud and minimize the challenges of rescinding payments,” Yingling said.

For more information on this topic, please contact Yingling’s constituent service office at (847) 231 6262.