Yingling Votes to End Budget Gridlock; Keeps Schools Open

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. – After voting for a budget that funds local schools – ensuring they will open on time – and protects funding for critical programs and services, such as those that help victims of domestic abuse and care for our elderly, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, issued the following statement:

“Yesterday I took measures to end the budget gridlock in Springfield. Decisive action needed to be taken, and I took it.

After months of gridlock, we must move the ball down the court. The budget I support makes cuts and appropriates less money than previous budgets. It also ensures our schools open on time and receive critical funding. The amount appropriated is approximately $14.1 billion of $32.8 billion of projected revenue.

Additionally, this budget will ensure women continue to receive lifesaving medical care like screenings for breast cancer, help protect our children with developmental disabilities and fund programs that assist law enforcement.

I will continue to fight for lower taxes and take decisive action to end the gridlock and resolve the budget impasse.”

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