Lawmakers Weigh In on Budget Stalemate

The state's deficit is projected to reach $10 billion by July. So lawmakers need to find more revenue or come up with more cuts to deal with the enormous deficit. However, State Rep. Sam Yingling (D-Round Lake Beach) sponsored House Resolution 1494 against a lame duck session tax increase. The nonbinding referendum passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 87-12.

"We have such a broken tax system we need to look at an overhaul," said Yingling. "My constituents have insane property tax bills. The property tax system is regressive and abusive. So, we can’t just look at income tax."

Lawmakers, however, found time during the fall veto session to bail out profitable ComEd and parent company Exelon to keep open two nuclear power plants near the Quad Cities. Rauner is expected to sign the $235 million rate hike Wednesday.