Yingling Vows to Fight for Smarter, More Efficient Government


“Many of the same concerns about the direction of our state, and the management of our state government that led me to first run for state representative just a short time ago appear to drive Gov. Rauner as well. Like the people I represent, I’m fed up with high taxes, the lack of long-term thinking and the feeling that common-sense doesn’t exist in Springfield. And like the people I represent, I’m ready to hear a more detailed plan from this governor.

“The people I talk to every day know that the job of getting this state running again is more important than the next election, and we know Illinois needs to move forward now. That’s why throughout my short time in office, I have stood up for smarter, more efficient government. From going line-by-line through the budget to reduce waste, to fighting to provide taxpayers with a way to eliminate duplicative levels of government and bureaucracy, to demanding a cap on skyrocketing property taxes, I will continue to tell Springfield exactly what the people of this district expect.

“I appreciate hearing the governor’s words, now I urge him to join me in getting down to business.”

Yingling represents the 62nd District, which includes portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, the Round Lake Communities, Third Lake, Wauconda and Wildwood.