Yingling Bill to Lake County Assessor Accountable at the Ballot Box Advances

SPRINGFIELD—Today, legislation to give the people of Lake County the power to hold the Lake County Chief County Assessment Officer (Lake County Assessor) accountable to the voters on election day passed in committee today with bi-partisan support.

The legislation, SB2544 HA1, places a binding question on the 2018 General Election ballot as to whether the currently unelected office of Lake County Assessor should be elected by the people. The position is currently appointed by the Lake County Board Chairman, who, unlike other collar county board chairmen, is not popularly elected as Chairman.

“I frequently hear from constituents who are facing the prospect of losing their homes because of property taxes,” said Yingling. “In Lake County, unlike our neighboring collar counties, voters do not have the ability to hold the County Assessor accountable for decisions that affect how much they pay in property taxes.”

Yingling’s measure garnered local support from several Lake County Township Assessors who supported the measure in committee because it will increase transparency and accountability for taxpayers.

“I’m committed to continuing my efforts to reign in the Lake County property tax system,” said Yingling. “Lake County has the one of the highest property taxes in the country, and it’s time to give voters the ultimate power to demand transparency and hold the Lake County Assessor accountable.”

The measure now advances to the House floor.